Rotary Rides

Riders List

First Last Sbup Company Team Name
Robin Bailey   Burlington Food Bank
Larry Barnard   Raunchy Riders
Rashida Bharmal   A.Warne & Associates
Stephanie Brown   Telling Tales Team
Scot Cameron   Burlington Food Bank
Don Cassidy   The Shmucks
Kenneth Chapman   Warnica Insurance Cycle Team
Rod Collard   The Shmucks
Gail Collins   We Are The North
Julie Cordasco   We Are The North
General Donation    
Anthony Ford-Jones   J. M .Edwards
Andrew Gaydon   Pedal Pushers
Wayne Gowan   Cool Cats
Nathan Gowan   Cool Cats
Johanna Haan   Cool Cats
Richard Hewitt   Casey Key HewLegs
Rob Hewitt   Casey Key HewLegs
Susan Jasper   Telling Tales Team
Michael Joseph   Lawrie Insurance Group
Emmi Lahti   Ships or Trips Cycle Team
Ron Lambert   Tower of Power
Ron Lambert   TigerPower
Bryce Leggatt   Casey Key HewLegs
Paul Leonard   Raunchy Riders
Owen McElhinney   Pedal Pushers
Kathleen O'Connor   Cool Cats
Rene Papin   Lawrie Insurance Group
Nadia Parker   A.Warne & Associates
Ben Paulin   The Shmucks
Sharon Police J.M. Edwards J. M .Edwards
John Stacey   Raunchy Riders
Yahel Stern   Ships or Trips Cycle Team
Karel Sury   The Shmucks
Lee Thorogood   We Are The North
Alex Warne   A.Warne & Associates
Stephen Warnica   Warnica Insurance Cycle Team
Glenn Warnica Ships or Trips - Warnica's TravelOnly Ships or Trips Cycle Team
Joseph Watson   Raunchy Riders
Cindy Watts   Ships or Trips Cycle Team
Gerry Willard   Telling Tales Team

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